Data Center Migration: Think, Plan, Execute

A game plan – or a checklist, is very important and it should be created way before the installation date. Meetings have to be held so that all the people that are involved or affected by the project are notified of their responsibilities and duties. The purpose of these meetings is to brief all the people involved and what is expected of them and who will be in charge of what.

When these meetings are being panned, certain aspects have to be taken into account. These aspects can be a little to handle on your own and companies such as Sunspeed server relocation specialists can be contracted to help you.

Organization preparation

The project manager is the most important and integral person during the upgrade or relocation of a data center. The duties of the project manager are to keep track of all the activities that take place during the project. The project manager is also responsible for monitoring the project’s progress. The duties of the project manager further stretch into ensuring that all the deadlines set are reached on time and the project is moving as per the plans.

Procedures for documentation

The procedure will require documentation of some of the aspects. In the first category includes the current systems that are in use and are not set to change. The second category of the aspects to be documented involves the systems that will change during the installation. The last bunch of documentation to be made involves the actions and sets that all participants are required to take part in during the installation.

The roles and duties of the team

Installations and upgrades cannot be made possible when there is no team of people allocated to work on it. Each member of the set team should know their responsibilities and duties throughout the project. A checklist can be created so that all the participants in the team are closely monitored. Each member of the team should have their own checklist that is specific to their duties and responsibilities in the project. Application testing, networking, transporting, problem management, disaster recovery, the gofer, server start up/shut down and even customer communications. These are common roles of team members in most teams.

Preparation of customers

It is also very important that before the changes are made, the customers are made aware. This way, they are able to anticipate and make the necessary preparations relevant to the changes being made.


It is very important to come up with a list of all the people that are involved in the project. There should be a conference bridge for communication among all the involved parties like movers, transportation team, the employees of the company, and even contractors.

Preparation of the network

Having redundant network hardware is helpful because this way, you are able to be safe from any hardware failure. This then ensures that your connection to the internet is not interfered with. Redundant hardware also makes it more convenient when you want to relocate your data center. This is because you simply shut down your equipment and reset it in the location of your choosing.

Server area preparation

When the infrastructure in the server area is if good quality, then the health of the server is guaranteed. When the server area is not prepared adequately. Delays and site shut down are just some of the things that could go wrong. Some of the things that should be considered during server area preparation include the following:

Power management

You should be well aware of the power consumption currently and how it is expected to shit after the install. With this information, you are then able to make the necessary changes so that the install runs smoothly.

Rack set-up

When servers are being installed, they should be installed in the exact same way in the rack. This way, they are able to run in the same direction as the network and power cables. Those on opposite sides should face each other or be back to back with each other. Whichever way the servers are installed, there should be enough space for cooling and dismounting and mounting the servers.


This is an important actor when you want to keep the install presentable and organized. All the aspects of the servers should be labelled with easy-to-see tags for ease of use and also safety. The racks, cabinet and zones should also be numbered accordingly.


The tasks to do when you are preparing for the installation of a project can be a little difficult and complicated. The above tips can e helpful to make the process manageable and easier. Sunscreen Server Specialists can also be helpful when you are looking to make these tasks easier.

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