How it Works

Becoming an SEO reseller couldn’t be easier:

There is never a tie in contract; you and your customers can start, put on hold, stop or upgrade/downgrade packages at any time. We rely on the results that keep people coming back each month

We offer full support and training to help you become a White Label SEO Reseller

Everything is branded in your company’s brand so customers will never know we do all the work.

  • A free branded website
  • Free unlimited branded review packs to help you with potential customers.
  • Comprehensive on page reports tailored specifically for your customers.

Get Started as an SEO White Label

So you want to use our amazing white label seo reseller program to provide advanced SEO to your new or existing clients, whilst earning a regular monthly revenue at the same time.

First just sign up to our reseller program and we will get you set up on our systems. We will send you a couple of documents that you can edit and add your own branding, you then just send those back to us along with your business logo, using your information we will put together a review pack, branded reports, daily ranking panel and additional documents to help you sell SEO.

If you want to discuss delivering custom packages to your clients or resellers then please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Your Reseller Review Pack

We will email you your own review pack where you can edit any information, and from this we can build you a branded review pack ready to send to your first prospective client. The review pack includes:

  • Full keyword research
  • Competitor data – up to 3 Competitors
  • Detailed on page reports
  • relevant guides detailing the reviews and reports

Our Geeks put together Review Packs that are jam-packed with useful and very informative information that will help you achieve your goals.

We suggest you get a review pack completed at this stage for your own site as well, you can use this as example pack to show any of your potential customers.

Signing Up Customers

After signing up new customers, they pay you and you pay us, this is how our white label SEO program works.

For example, for the Basic Package (our lowest package), we charge £200 +VAT. This is a set price and won’t change, but you are free to charge as much as you want to your own clients.

So you may decide to charge your clients £350 +VAT, and your profit margin will then be £150 a month.

If you take into account some of our resellers have hundreds of clients you can see the potential profit. With hard work and persistence its a very achievable target.

Unlimited Free Reviews

Unlimited free reviews make pick up new customers a doddle

Once you have collected the details from your client, forward them to our geeks. Send us the keywords and target URLS or pages they want to push to the top of the search engines. We will then add these into your branded ranking system and our backlinking systems and we will then give you access to this. From there we will then create on page reports for each of their pages, all of which will be branded with your own brand.

Begin building your customer list today and you will see just how easy it is to start earning significant amounts of money even with our smallest SEO package.

 Need Help or Advice?

We want to make sure you are completely comfortable with how we work, so if you have any questions, need a little bit of help or advice on our white label SEO services please don’t hesitate to contact our geeks at any time.

Our geeks don’t like to cut corners, we do everything by the book. Pure white hat SEO.