Political Leaders and Businesses Debate

The state capital recently held a debate that raised attention to many leaders and investors along the gulf course. The capital ordered hefty penalties for the company Visit Florida and Enterprise Florida.

The future funding of these two organizations is at stake if it wasn’t for the existence of these organizations, and the tourism businesses as well as economic growth within the region wait to see the outcome in Tallahassee.

This debate lead to corporate relocations and was influenced by two individuals in the State Capital. One was Gov. Rick Scott who was strolling supporting the agencies, and the opposer was Richard Corcoran (The House Speaker). Gov. Rick Scott was trying to acquire enough capital to fund and support these agencies, whereas The House Speaker Richard Corcoran lead the support of cutting funding. He said that Visit Florida has issues in transparency as they were not open with their business terms and Enterprise Florida had failed incentives efforts.

This debate didn’t affect the major players alone, several local leaders have also come out to point their views. One of the leaders who have trained focus is Virginia Haley, the President of visit Sarasota County. She was shocked and disappointed when the House held a vote in favor of cutting funding and implementing hefty rules on Visit Florida. She said that the restrictions would be dreadful that her organization will be highly affected and will not be able to work together with the sateĀ (Florida) organization soon as the are implemented. She termed the debate as political influenced saying the speaker only wanted support from his colleagues to bring down the Governor.

On the other hand, Steve Vernon, a board member for Florida Citizens Alliance and also The President of Lakewood Ranch Club said that the organizations do not need to be supported by the state. He says we spend a lot of taxpayers money and we shouldn’t favor a corporate over another.

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